John and Sarah are most likely to overshare online
London, 2nd October: 'John' and 'Sarah' are the names of people most likely to overshare online. A poll of 2,056 UK adults - commissioned for Get Safe Online Week - reveals the top male and female names most likely to give too much away on social media:
The easy way to stop your online accounts getting hacked
A strong password is a good start, but it doesn't stop there... Whether it's your Twitter, Amazon, or Netflix account, the explosion in popularity of online apps and services means more and more of us have to remember an increasingly long list of passwords.
Operation Sceptre: Knife Amnesty
From Monday 16 September to Sunday 29 September we are are joining forces across the country in the national knife crime awareness campaign, Operation Sceptre. During the two weeks we will be asking members of the public to bin the blades by dropping unwanted and illegal knives and bladed weapons into our amnesty bins across the county so we can dispose of them safely.
If you see a Police Dog out in the community
Wiltshire Dogs Trainer Ian Partington and trainee Police Dog Champ have some advice about how to act around a police dog if you see one working out in the community.
Ever-changing face of cybercrime...
Cybercrime continues to rise in scale and complexity, affecting essential services, businesses and private individuals alike. Each year cybercrime costs the UK billions of pounds and causes untold damage. For Digital investigations and Intelligence Unit & Complex Fraud Unit lead Detective Gemma Vinton, the ever-changing face of cybercrime is a challenge that she along with her team are tackling on a daily basis.
Reduce the threat of cyber-attack: A letter to all organisations in Wiltshire
We are writing to you as part of our Wiltshire Police #CyberLife campaign, which has been running throughout July. Along with members of the public business can be impacted by cybercrime and over the next few days we are reaching out to local businesses to give you tips and advice to better protect yourself .
Don't ignore what you cant see! Prevent a child you know becoming a victim of online grooming.
Online life is an everyday occurrence for most of us. It is normal activity to interact with our friends, peers and casual acquaintances via numerous social media and online channels. With this ever-developing technical world, which grows forever more sophisticated; it is becoming easier to reach out to people like never before.
Wiltshire Police urge public to hand in guns with National Firearms Surrender
Police forces are appealing for people to hand in unwanted guns with a two-week surrender of firearms and ammunition, starting on Saturday 20 July 2019.
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