Wiltshire Police is a top disability employer
We're celebrating this week after winning a national award for our work to help people with Down's Syndrome to find employment and volunteering opportunities with us. It was awarded by the British Association for Supported Employment (BASE), which recognises outstanding practice in the field of supported employment in the UK.
Domestic abuse is like an iceberg, say officers who investigated attempted murder case in Swindon
"To the outside world, Bikash Gurung would seem like the model citizen. He'd served his country, he always appeared polite and respectful," said Det Sgt Matt Lewis. But it was behind closed doors, that Gurung became a controlling, coercive, abusive husband. In his eyes, however, he was the man of the house and the leader of his family.
The family of murder victim Andraya Lyons stress the importance of reporting domestic abuse
"Andraya would bend over backwards to help anyone. She was living on a shoestring but she would have given anyone the last pound in her purse if they needed it." Gemma Webb says her older sister Andraya Lyons was the kindest person and the most loving mum to her two young sons.
The abuse doesn't have to be physical to scar
This week, we are running a domestic abuse awareness campaign. It coincides with a national 16 days of action supported by Public Health England which focuses on the positive role employers can have in detecting and supporting employees who are victims of abuse.
Why is intelligence so important? #TellUsWhatYouSee
Intelligence is crucial for the police as we need as much information as possible to get a clear idea of what's going on, so that we can safeguard individuals and/or prosecute offenders wherever possible.
Have a happy and safe Halloween
Halloween is fast approaching and we have a 'No Trick or Treat Callers' poster available to download below for those who do not wish to be disturbed. For those who do wish to celebrate Halloween, we have some basic safety advice for parents available too.
Ben's story - the price you pay for having a knife!
As part of Op Sceptre - the national knife crime prevention initiative launched earlier this week - and our knife amnesty running until Sunday 30 September you will hear from people who's lives have been affected by knife crime.
#BeyondTheBeat - let us know what you thought
#BeyondtheBeat was a summer-long campaign that aimed to raise awareness of the hidden demands Wiltshire Police face - and we'd like to know what you thought of it.
Police and MOD team up to tackle illegal activity on Salisbury Plain
On Sunday (11 September) Wiltshire Police teamed up with the MOD for Operation Aston which aims to tackle illegal activity on Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA).
Missing: Let us take you #BeyondtheBeat
Wiltshire Police's Missing Campaign launches this week, looking at the complex issue of missing people and what goes on behind the scenes when someone is reported missing. #BeyondtheBeat
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