Arrests made following county lines action across Wiltshire
Police action to disrupt drug gang activity in Wiltshire known as county lines has lead to a number of arrests.
Have a happy and safe Halloween
Halloween is fast approaching and we have a 'No Trick or Treat Callers' poster available to download below for those who do not wish to be disturbed. For those who do wish to celebrate Halloween, we have some basic safety advice for parents available too.
Op Sceptre - drop the weapon and save a life
As part of our Op Sceptre fortnight - our knife crime prevention initiative and knife amnesty - we are spotlighting people who's lives have been affected by knife crime, and that includes our officers.
Op Sceptre - Weapons awareness for young people
A Weapons Awareness session took place at the Youth Justice Centre (YJC) on Saturday 22 September 2018. This was an additional YJC session and run to coincide with Op Sceptre - the national knife crime awareness campaign.
Op Sceptre warrants successfully carried out in Swindon
A machete, a large amount of cash, drugs and a number of stolen bicycles and mopeds were some of the items seized after drug warrants were successfully carried out this morning (25/09) at two addresses in North Swindon.
Op Sceptre - 'Lucky to be alive' knife crime victim speaks out
"I have to live with the physical pain and mental anguish everyday." The words of Craig who was stabbed in a Wiltshire town and left for dead.
Police tackle drug gangs in Eldene, Swindon
A large police operation has taken place in Eldene to combat drug dealing and anti-social behaviour caused by gangs in the area.
Gang held after police operation
A major operation carried out by officers in Swindon resulted in a group of youths being stopped, with some being searched for drugs and weapons.
Ben's story - the price you pay for having a knife!
As part of Op Sceptre - the national knife crime prevention initiative launched earlier this week - and our knife amnesty running until Sunday 30 September you will hear from people who's lives have been affected by knife crime.
#BeyondTheBeat - let us know what you thought
#BeyondtheBeat was a summer-long campaign that aimed to raise awareness of the hidden demands Wiltshire Police face - and we'd like to know what you thought of it.
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