Wanted this Winter
Wanted this Wiltshire launches to urge public to help us locate our most wanted suspects
Wanted this Winter launches to urge public to help us locate our most wanted suspects
This Christmas we are re-launching our Wanted this Winter campaign to urge the public to help us locate and arrest a selection of our most wanted suspects. We have identified people who we need to speak to in connection with a variety of crimes, from driving offences to burglary, and, despite our best efforts, they have evaded us so far.
Open letter from domestic abuse survivor to help others in abusive relationships
Domestic abuse survivor Maria Hopkins has written an open letter to Wiltshire residents about her ordeal, in a bid to help others in abusive relationships. Help is available.
Men can be victims of domestic abuse too - support is available
"It's hard to recognise abuse when you're in a relationship, no matter who you are, and it's easier to deny it. But when you do recognise it and accept it for what it is - there is support out there." For Sean (*name has been changed to protect the person's identity), who now works in Swindon in a role which involves helping to prevent domestic abuse, it took years for him to realise he was in a psychologically and emotionally abusive marriage.
Military personnel learn how to Survive the Drive
Yesterday, during #RoadSafetyWeek, presenters from Wiltshire Police and Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue talked at a Survive the Drive show for military personnel at Tidworth Garrison Theatre, Wiltshire.
Your Q&A with the dog section - did we answer your question?
This week we ran our first ever Instagram Live Q&A, and what better unit to feature than the dog unit?! We were inundated with questions from the public and dog handler PC Sam Dutton and Dogs Inspector James Brain answered as many as possible. Come on in and see if your question was answered...
John and Sarah are most likely to overshare online
London, 2nd October: 'John' and 'Sarah' are the names of people most likely to overshare online. A poll of 2,056 UK adults - commissioned for Get Safe Online Week - reveals the top male and female names most likely to give too much away on social media:
The easy way to stop your online accounts getting hacked
A strong password is a good start, but it doesn't stop there... Whether it's your Twitter, Amazon, or Netflix account, the explosion in popularity of online apps and services means more and more of us have to remember an increasingly long list of passwords.
Operation Sceptre: Knife Amnesty
From Monday 16 September to Sunday 29 September we are are joining forces across the country in the national knife crime awareness campaign, Operation Sceptre. During the two weeks we will be asking members of the public to bin the blades by dropping unwanted and illegal knives and bladed weapons into our amnesty bins across the county so we can dispose of them safely.
If you see a Police Dog out in the community
Wiltshire Dogs Trainer Ian Partington and trainee Police Dog Champ have some advice about how to act around a police dog if you see one working out in the community.
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