The below sections detail advice on various topics under headings. Click on each section to find our advice to you, support available to you and the best way to report to us or supporting organisations.

Find out how to report any issues you have with fraud, scams and cyber crime and which organisations can support you.
Find out about drink driving and how to report it. Think drug dealing is taking place in your local community, report it to us. Drinking in public and the law on Psychoactive Substances.
Advice on how to keep yourself safe and others. Keep your home and personal items safe.
Find out how to resolve issues within your local community. This includes issues with animal protection and welfare.
What to do and who to contact.
Find out about our rural crimes and how to spot them, and when to report them.
Driving safely, speeding, taxes and licences, roads, seized vehicles, and how to report to us.
Victims and witnesses
The Horizon service is there to support victims and witnesses throughout the case, right through to court. See how you can review your case and your rights as a victim. Horizon has their own independent website.
How to report any concerns you have both in your local community and online. Find out how to keep yourself safe in the event of an incident.
Your data
Find out what personal information we hold about you
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