Benefits to volunteering

Volunteering within our force provides you with an opportunity to work alongside police officers and staff, gaining valuable skills and experience within a professional and public organisation. It offers the opportunity to meet new people and work as part of a team, engage and interact with people from different communities and backgrounds whilst making a positive contribution to the local community.

Employers are special too, because they support and encourage their staff to become involved in their local communities, which of course includes local businesses.

Encouraging and supporting staff to become involved also helps meet corporate community responsibility values.

For the employer the benefits can be;

  • Supports the local community
  • An innovative opportunity for your employee's professional/personal development
  • Contributes to any employees ideal of having a work/life balance
  • Helps meet company corporate responsibility values
  • Media opportunities demonstrating direct company action in the community
  • Opportunities for greater public/private sector partnering
  • Improved staff moral and motivation
  • Staff development at little or no cost

For the employee the benefits can be;

  • Opportunities to give something back to the community
  • CV - enhancing skills and training
  • Personal development in the following competency areas;
    • Self confidence
    • Problem solving
    • Effective communication
    • Team working
    • Respect for diversity
    • Resilience
    • Personal Responsibility
    • Community and customer focus

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