IPLDP (Initial Police Learning and Development Programme)

All new Police Officers will undertake an extensive and professional training course known as the Initial Police Learning and Development Programme (IPLDP). The programme is designed to meet the learning needs of all student Police Officers and develop competent officers who will perform effectively in line with the aims, values and strategic objectives of the service.

During the programme performance of students is monitored and assessed, in the form of both formative and summative assessment, against the Student Officer Role Profile, National Occupational Standards (NOSs) and Police Action Checklists (PACs).

The Programme is divided into a number of phases and Student Officers will be required to pass each phase in order to move forward with their training. 


During this phase students will be introduced to Wiltshire Police and formally attested as a Constable. It is designed to provide the important foundation topics that are essential to employees of the Service.

Law and Procedures

This is divided into a fourteen week knowledge phase based predominately at Devizes Headquarters and a four week practical phase based at either the Swindon or Salisbury Hub.

The knowledge phase is a comprehensive and intensive classroom based phase designed in line with the national curriculum and includes topics such as; crime, intelligence, investigation & interviews, statements, officer safety and driver training. A series of examinations will need to be successfully completed.  

The practical phase provides students with the opportunity to put the theory into practice through simulated scenarios whilst under the continual guidance of the trainers.

A range of learning methodologies are used throughout the programme and include facilitated discussions, individual & group work, case studies & scenarios, presentations, e-learning and practical exercises. 

Supervised Patrol (Tutorship)

During the period of supervised patrol with a tutor constable Student Officers must demonstrate they are able to complete a range of Policing activities without the need for immediate direct supervision, are “safe and lawful” and demonstrate behaviour appropriate to the role. Successful completion of the assessments at this 30 week stage will lead to independent patrol.

Independent Patrol

Student Officers begin this phase with a posting to one of the response hubs (Swindon, Chippenham, Trowbridge or Salisbury).  This phase will also include a workplace attachment to a Local Crime Team and to a number of community placements.  Assessment will continue throughout this phase and successful completion will lead to confirmation in post.

Full details of the programme will be given to the students on their first day.


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