Recruitment Process

Pre Assessment (Eligibility stage)

You will need to register and pass the Pre Assessment stage in its entirety to be emailed or posted an application form to complete.

Application Form

You will be invited by email to complete the National Police Officer Application Form.  This will be sent in both PDF and Word formats for convenience (please note only one application is required) from Monday 9 October 2017.  Deadline for return of completed forms is Wednesday 25 October 2017 by email or post. Any applications postmarked beyond this date will not be accepted.


On receipt of your application form we will send you a form that must be returned to us unfolded and must be completed in full in HB pencil by Monday 6 November 2017.


The papersift is undertaken on our behalf by an external company and will take around two weeks to complete. All candidates are assessed under national guidelines and feedback will be provided for you along with the result.

The National SEARCH Assessment Centre

If successful at the papersift you will be invited to attend a National SEARCH (Structured Entrance Assessment for Recruiting Constables Holistically) Assessment Centre.  These are held at the National College of Policing at Ryton, near Coventry and last for a day.  Candidates are required to undertake a variety of exercises see below, which will be based on the Policing Professional Framework

  • Competency based structure interview
  • 2 x written tests
  • 4 x interactive exercises
  • Police Initial Recruitment Test (Verbal Logical Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning)

You will have at least three weeks to prepare and full details will be sent to you about what will happen on the day.

You will be provided with your result and feedback report 2 weeks after your attendance.

The current pass mark for applicants attending the assessment centre is 50%, in line with the national threshold.  All passes remain valid for all forces for a year, and within Wiltshire Police for two years.  You may be able to transfer your application to other forces, but you would need to approach them directly.  You cannot attend an assessment centre more than once in a six month period.

Provisional Offer

If successful at interview you will receive an offer letter stating that you should be appointed subject to satisfactorily passing vetting checks, media checks, finance checks, references, medical & fitness tests and drugs & alcohol tests.

Medical and Fitness Tests

The medical falls in two parts. Applicants firstly visit the nurse, and then undertake the Force fitness test. Full details on this is provided on the website.  Finally, early in the afternoon applicants have an appointment with the Force Medical Examiner.

DNA and Fingerprints

When you attend the force to complete medical and fitness test you will also have your fingerprints and DNA taken.  This is for a speculative search on the police database.  Should you be appointed, your DNA and fingerprints will be retained for crime scene elimination purposes.  If you are not successful at the recruitment process your DNA profile and fingerprints will be destroyed.

Vetting Checks

Our Vetting unit will request that you complete documentation regarding yourself and your family. To omit or misguide our Vetting unit will result in your elimination from the process. Checks are made against everyone you name on the forms against various local and national databases.   As part of this process checks are made on financial matters, as well as media checks (such as Facebook).


We will seek all relevant references going back five years, including education, full/part time roles and military service of any type at any time.  Please remember when completing your application form you list in full your previous employment and educational history with explanations if there are any gaps.


You will also be asked for your measurements so your uniform can be ordered and you will also need to attend Devizes for a full fitting of your uniform.

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