Police Constables

Thank you for your interest in joining Wiltshire Police.

Police Constable recruitment is now closed. 

The Role

What do Police Officers do?

Police officers work closely with the community. They undertake a variety of activities which relate to the prevention and detection of crime and the prosecution of offenders against the peace. The key tasks of a Police Officer are to: 

  • Liaise with external agencies/departments and members of the community to develop better working practices and improve the safety of the local community
  • Respond to calls for assistance from the public, record and investigate crime and non crime issues and participate in the long term resolution of community problems
  • Undertake mobile and foot patrol, seeking to reassure the public and proactively work towards the prevention and detection of offences
  • Attend and investigate traffic collisions, working with other agencies to improve road safety
  • Interview suspects, witnesses and victims, establishing facts and compiling case files for prosecution and other further action
  • Arrest and detain suspected persons, gathering evidence to enable the fair and just prosecution of offenders.

Please visit the  Police Could You website for more information.

What are the key skills?

You need honesty, integrity, determination and flexibility. You must be physically fit, have strong communication skills and the ability to apply practical solutions to real life situations.

What is the salary and annual leave entitlement?

A competitive training and remuneration package commencing at £19,774 - £22,895 depending on experience. This will increase after completion of initial training (on average 6 months).

You will receive 22 days annual leave for the first 2 years, which will increase thereafter according to your length of service.

Am I eligible?

View detailed eligibility requirements  here.

Basic guidelines for applicants

As you might imagine, applicant guidelines are fairly comprehensive, but here are a few highlights:

  • applicants should be between 18 and 57 (the normal age for officer retirement is 60, new recruits must undertake a two-year probationary period)
  • there are no minimum or maximum height requirements
  • applicants must be either a British Citizen, a citizen of the EU or other states in the EEA, or a Commonwealth citizen or foreign national with indefinite leave to remain in the UK
  • although applicants may still be eligible to join the police service if they have minor convictions/cautions, there are certain offences and conditions that will make them ineligible. If you are at all unsure, contact your chosen force for more information
  • applicants must physically and mentally be able to undertake police duties
  • if an applicant has tattoos they should not cause offence. Tattoos are unacceptable if they are particularly prominent, garish, offensive or undermine the authority of the role of Police Constable. They are considered on a case-by-case basis
  • applicants will have their financial status checked. These are carried out because officers have access to privileged information, which may make them vulnerable to corruption. Applicants with outstanding County Court Judgments, who have been registered bankrupt with outstanding debts will be rejected. If you have any discharged bankruptcy debts then you will need to provide a Certificate of Satisfaction with your application.
  • applicants may only apply to one force at a time. Your application will not be accepted if you have previously applied unsuccessfully to a police force that tequires candidates to undertake the Police SEARCH or the College of Policing PCSO Recruit assessment process within the past six months.

Educational requirements

Applicants must be able to prove the following qualifications:
• Level 3 qualification (A Level Grade A*- E) or above, in any subject or equivalent (please see equivalencies table for further information)
• GCSEs A*- C in English Language or Literature or equivalent including GCSE Level 2 English Language or Literature (from August 2017), CSE English Grade 1, O Level English Grade C or above
• GCSE Maths A* - E, or functional/numeracy skills Level 2 or equivalent including GCSE Level 2 Maths (from August 2017)
Wiltshire Police will also accept some key criteria or relevant experience instead of the Level 3 qualification. However applicants must still have the GCSEs as detailed above.
Applicants will be required to submit original copies of their educational qualifications, these will be returned.

 Further information is available to clarify educational entry requirements for police officer applicants.

Recruitment process

Information on the recruitment Process


All new Police Officers will undertake an extensive and professional training course known as the Initial Police Learning and Development Programme (IPLDP). The programme is designed to meet the learning needs of all student Police Officers and develop competent officers who will perform effectively in line with the aims, values and strategic objectives of the service.

Information on training

How do I find out more?

Whenever Wiltshire Police recruits for police officers there is an enormous amount of interest in the position. We would therefore ask that you read the 'police officer application information' document below and explore our Frequently Asked Questions section, as we know that most queries can be answered there.

Useful information to help you with your application: 

 Police officer application information

 Supplementary guidelines 

 National Recruitment Standards for Eligibility for Police Recruitment

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