Advice on how you can protect your business against the threat of cyber attacks.

Protect your business, protect your assets:

It is increasingly important for all businesses to manage risks and vulnerabilities, review security measures and take advantage of the internet, whilst protecting your business assets and your customers. Criminals are intent on stealing information and money, or disrupting business and reputations.

Build resilience to all types of online attacks. The development of technologies means that there is no longer one term to define an online security threat. By taking a few simple steps and keeping up to date, businesses can make a difference and reduce the chances of an online security breach.

The importance of cyber security:

Cyber security is as important as physically securing your premises or your cash. It’s a business necessity to manage online security and as customers we expect companies to be cyber secure.

Protect your computer-based equipment and information from unauthorised activity. Good cyber security can enhance business reputations and open up new opportunities.

Most cyber attacks can be prevented or detected with basic security practices for staff, processes and IT systems. 

The below information should help you safeguard and protect your business.

Report  any fraud or internet crime related to your business online through Action Fraud


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