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Cyber crime is a criminal act which is carried out using computers or the internet. Cyber crime is an increasing threat, to help make sure you stay safe, we have designed the following set of web pages to provide you with the latest information, advice and help sign post you in the direction of our partnership agencies which can help and support you. 

Cyber crime impacts upon all areas of our society and can be very damaging and upsetting for victims. It’s vitally important to protect yourself from these threats and safeguard your online personal security. 

The National Police Chief's Council (NPCC) divide Cyber Crime into three different types:

Cyber dependent: This is where online systems are the target of a crime, information is taken from these systems and data is compromised. These online attacks are carried out by online systems.

Cyber enabled: Crimes that already exist online such as online bank fraud, can now be carried out on a larger scale. 

Cyber assisted: Facilitates crimes that use the internet to facilitate drug dealing, people smuggling and other traditional crime types.

Please view this short video on cyber crime from Home Affairs for further explanation.  

Video Copyright of Home Affairs.

 If you should become a victim, please ensure you report it to  Action Fraud or contact Wiltshire Police in a non-emergency via 101.


CyberBeeWiseWiltshire is a cyber crime awareness project delivered by Wiltshire Police.  CyberBeeWiseWiltshire aims to provide cyber crime prevention advice to members of the public. 

 Follow us @CyberBeeWiseWP  or  facebook CyberBeeWiseWilts for online safety tips and advice.

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