Operations has a forcewide remit and covers the following areas;

  • Dog Section
  • Air Support
  • Roads Policing
  • Contingency Planning
  • Resource Management
  • Armed Response Group
  • Firearms Licensing
  • Collision Records

The communities of Wiltshire are served by

  • 24/7 armed response capability
  • Helicopter and air ambulance facility
  • Roads Policing Unit

These services are used to reduce casualties upon our roads, reduce the incidents of anti-social behaviour on our roads, disrupt criminals using our road network and contribute to our fight against organised crime and counter terrorism.

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Suspect Charged Case Study

A family friend was stealing from me and my mum. When we found out we contacted the police and they were charged. The police took it seriously. I was nervous about attending court. Victim Support was supporting me through this. They helped me to understand what had happened and what was going to happen when I went to court.

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