Our aim is to give a Special Constable all the help they need to carry out their police duties safely and effectively.

A comprehensive training package has been designed specifically to help Special Constables become effective Police Officers. The training package is widely regarded and mirrors, as much as is practicable, the training delivered to regular officers.

On offer of appointment a prospective Special Constable is required to commit to all induction training sessions. There can occasionally be some flexibility but this must be discussed with the General Training Sergeant on a case by case basis. Comprehensive guidance is given during a briefing session that runs on the same day as the drugs and alcohol test.


Initial training, held at Police Headquarters in Devizes, will involve learning about the powers of a Special Constable, law, officer safety training, first aid, equal opportunities, diversity and human rights, professional standards, pocket note books, victim support, missing persons, risk assessment, public order, stop and search, domestic violence, assault, arrest and caution.

After a period of approximately six to seven months a student Special Constable commences a period of tutorship.


Just like a regular officer a Special Constable undergoes a probationary period. During this time they patrol with regular officers, other Special Constables and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) to gain experience and monitor progress. The probationary period can last between six months and two years depending on how much time the Special Constable can give and how they get on. A Special Constable will need to collate evidence to show that they have gained the necessary experience in the role. When they have successfully completed their probationary period they are deemed competent to patrol independently.

On Going Training

It is important that all Special Constables remain up to date in their knowledge and so from time to time they will receive further training.

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