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Firearms - Fees PDF Print E-mail

Firearms (Variation of Fees Order 2000 [S.I. 2000/3148])

All cheques to be payable to:
Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire

Fees applicable to grants or renewals from 1st January 2001 are:

Firearms Certificates (Valid for 5 years)

  • Grant of firearm certificate


  • Renewal of firearm certificate


  • Variation of a firearm certificate (other than when it is renewed at the same time) so as to increase the number of firearms to which the certificate relates.


  • Replacement of a firearm certificate which has been lost or destroyed.


Shot Gun Certificates (Valid for 5 years)

  • Grant of Shot Gun Certificate


  • Renewal of Shot Gun Certificate


  • Replacement of Shot Gun Certificate which has been lost or destroyed


  • Renewal of Shot Gun Certificate which expires at the same time as a firearms certificate (co-terminous)


Explosives Certificates

  • Acquire and keep (valid for 3 years)


  • Acquire only (valid for 1 year)


Dealer Registration (Valid for 3 years)

  • Initial registration of a person as a firearms dealer


  • Triennial re registration as a firearms dealer


  • Game Fair etc., if principal place of business is in another Police Force area


Club Approvals

  • Home Office Club Approval
    (valid for 6 years)


  • Firearm Certificate for Home Office approved club
    (valid for 5 years)


     Visitors Permits

  • Application for a single Visitors Permit


  • Group application for a Visitors Permit (5 to 20 people)



                       European Firearms Pass  
  • European Firearms Pass
No charge