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Firearms - Applications Forms PDF Print E-mail

We have made these easy to use electronic firearm and shot gun application forms available from our web site for you to download.

Please ensure that you include your mobile telephone number and email address when completing these forms.
  1. Decide which certificate you need to apply for.
  2. Download and complete the form then return it to us by post. If you would prefer us to send you the application form by post, please phone, fax or email your request to us.
  3. Checks will be made on both national and local records
  4. Visit - a Firearms Enquiry Officer will come to visit you as part of the application process.
General Advice
To help you with your request please ensure all relevant information is completed and submitted in plenty of time to allow the timely issue of your certificate. It is important that you give us your contact numbers so that we can arrange a mutually convenient times for a Firearms Enquiry Officer to visit you.

Wiltshire Police follow Home Office guidance in the administration of firearms which can be accessed via the Home Office website

Application for the Grant Or Renewal Of A Firearm And / Or Shotgun Certificate (Form 201)

PDF document Application for the Grant or Renewal of a Firearm and / or Shotgun Certificate (Form 201)

PDF document Good Reason form

Guidance Notes for Form 201 (Form 201A)

PDF document Guidance Notes for Form 201 (Form 201A)

Application To Vary A Firearms Certificate (Form 202)

PDF document Application To Vary A Firearms Certificate (Form 202)

Weapon Transfer Form

Please send this form to us recorded delivery OR send all details from Table 1 (Firearms Certificate) or Table 2 (Shotgun Certificate) in an email to

PDF document Weapon Transfer Form

Application For Clay Pigeon Exemption Permit

PDF document Clay pigeon exemption form

Replacement Firearm / Shotgun Certificate

PDF document Replacement Firearm / Shotgun Certificate Form

Change Of Address For Existing Certificate Holders

Please send to us along with your current certificate(s).

PDF document Change Of Address Form

Application For Visitors Permits

PDF document Application For A Visitor's Firearm / Shot Gun Permit

Application For An Explosive Certificate

PDF document Application for an Explosive Certificate (for individuals and/or re-enactments)

PDF document Application For An Explosive Certificate (for individuals or a company)

PDF document Application for a licensed store/registration

PDF document Application for renewal of an Explosive Certificate

European Firearms Pass Application

PDF document European Firearms Pass Application