Fire Fighting and Rescue

This is the area within the inner cordon in which the Fire Service carryout their fire fighting and/or rescue as necessary.

The Fire Service use an ICS or Incident Command System to determine the way in which they deal with the incident. It is based upon a system of dynamic risk assessments to ensure the tactics used are appropriate to the situation as it develops.


Depending on the risk assessment they may use one of three tactical modes. Offensive mode, defensive mode and transitional mode. The first two modes determine whether an aggressive or passive method of fire fighting will be used, and the last is used when changing between.

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The command team at an incident can be identified through the type of tabard they are wearing, however overall responsibility remains with the most senior officer at the scene.

Incident Commander - White Tabard

Operations Commander - Red Tabard

Sector Commander - Yellow/Red Tabard

Safety Officer - Blue/Yellow Tabard

Breathing Apparatus Control - Black/Yellow check

Command Support - Red/White Check

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