What happens next?

female officer 2 copyIf you have been the victim of a crime, it is important that you understand the steps that come next and how to receive the support you need.

When you report a crime to the police, they will take information about the offence and the crime will be recorded. You will be given a crime reference number, and you may be asked to provide a statement.

We understand that experiencing a crime might have been a distressing experience, and that you might feel angry or frustrated. We appreciate that you reported the incident. The decision to contact the police can be stressful, and you might be worried or concerned about its implications. If you would like advice or support, there are many people who can help.

The information in the  ‘You’ve reported a crime, so what happens next’ download explains what will happen now and what you can expect from the criminal justice system.

Further information about going to court is available from the  Crown Prosecution Service.

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