Domestic Violence Protection Orders and Domestic Violence Protection Notices

Domestic Violence Protection Notices (DVPNs) and Domestic Violence Protection Orders (DVPOs) provide you with immediate protection following an incident of domestic violence and give you time to consider what to do next.

Local specialist services that provide advice and support will get in touch with you if a DVPN is issued.

Both DVPNs and DVPOs place certain conditions on the perpetrator which may:

  • Stop them from entering and being within a certain distance of your home
  • Stop them from making you leave or excluding you from your home
  • Mean they have to leave your home (even if you live at the same address).

A DVPN comes into effect as soon as it is issued by the police.

Within 48 hours of this (excluding Sundays and Bank Holidays), the Magistrates’ Court will hear an application for a DVPO. This hearing can take place in the absence of the perpetrator. The Magistrates will also take into account the welfare of any children who the police consider will be affected by the DVPO.

IMPORTANT – The police can serve a DVPN even if you do not agree to it, but you will not have to give evidence at court if you do not want to.

Report it

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, or know someone who is, we would prefer to speak to you on the phone (by calling us on 101) or in person.

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