What is a Major Incident?

To ensure that Wiltshire Police have the best possible response to a major incident, contingency plans are in place which provide a framework and guidelines.

An event or situation, with a range of serious consequences, which requires special arrangements to be implemented by one or more emergency responder agencies. We work alongside partners in the Wiltshire and Swindon Local Resilience Forum (LRF).

The Civil Contingencies Act of 2004 has defined a new definition of Emergency as:

  • An event or situation which threatens serious damage to human welfare in a place in the UK
  • An event or situation which threatens serious damage to the environment of a place in the UK
  • War or terrorism which threatens serious damage to the security of the UK.

 A major incident is beyond the scope of business as usual operations, and is likely to involve:

  • Serious harm
  • Serious damage
  • Serious disruption or risk to human life or welfare
  • Serious disruption to essential services, the environment or national security.

An illustration of a major incident scheme

We work alongside our partner agencies who are category one or two responders:

  • Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • South Western Ambulance Service
  • Public Health England
  • Military
  • Environment Agency
  • National Health Service
  • Swindon Borough Council
  • Wiltshire Council
  • Voluntary Agencies
  • Utility companies.

All information on plans and information are detailed on the  Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Principles (JESIP) website. 

For more advice and support in an emergency and planning to prevent an emergency on the following topics, visit the  Wiltshire and Swindon Local Resilience Forum.

  • Floods
  • Power cuts
  • Adverse weather
  • Seasonal Flu.

Every emergency is different, some are big, some are small, but the LRF priority is always to protect lives and property and move towards getting things back to normal as quickly as possible. As part of this it’s important that you, your family, your business and your local community are prepared. Throughout the  'Are You Ready' leaflet they guide you through the stages of becoming prepared.

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