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The onus for applying to renew a certificate rests with the certificate holder and we will send one renewal reminder letter, three months before the expiry of your current certificate. Please bear in mind that it will take, on average, eight weeks for the renewal process to be completed and if we are unable to renew your certificate(s) before the expiry date of your current one(s) then please be advised that you will need to arrange for your firearms and any Section 1 ammunition to be placed in storage with a Registered Firearm Dealer, or another suitably authorised certificate holder.

Application Forms

You can now download the combined firearm and shotgun application form or the firearm variation form. Once you have completed the form it should be returned to:

Firearms Licensing Department,
Police Headquarters,
London Road,
SN10 2DN

Do not email the completed forms to Firearms Licensing as they cannot be accepted. Hard copies must be posted to the above address.

Please do not staple the pages of the application or any accompanying paperwork.

Once the completed form together with the correct number of photographs and fee have been received, checks will be made on local and national records before, you are visited at home, at a time convenient to you, by a firearms enquiry officer.

Please include a mobile telephone number and an email address to assist in contacting you.

Wiltshire Police follow Home Office guidance in the administration of firearms which can be accessed via the Home Office website

Application for the Grant Or Renewal Of A Firearm And / Or Shotgun Certificate (Form 201)

icon adobepdf  Application for the grant or renewal of a firearm and/ or shotgun certificate Form 201

icon adobepdf  Good Reason Form

Guidance Notes for Form 201 (Form 201A)

icon adobepdf   Guidance notes for Form 201 (Form 201A)

Application To Vary A Firearms Certificate (Form 201v)

icon adobepdf Application To Vary A Firearms Certificate (Form 201v)

Registered Firearms Dealers (Form 116)

icon adobepdf Application for registration or for new certificate of registration

Weapon Transfer Form

Please send this form to us recorded delivery OR send all details from Table 1 (Firearms Certificate) or Table 2 (Shotgun Certificate) in an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

icon adobepdf  Weapon Transfer Form

Application For Clay Pigeon Exemption Permit

icon adobepdf  Clay pigeon exemption form

Replacement Firearm / Shotgun Certificate

icon adobepdf  Replacement Firearm / Shotgun Certificate Form

Change Of Address For Existing Certificate Holders

Please send to us along with your current certificate(s).

icon adobepdf  Change Of Address Form

Application For Visitors Permits

icon adobepdf  Application For A Visitor's Firearm / Shot Gun Permit

Application For An Explosive Certificate

icon adobepdf  Application for an Explosive Certificate (for individuals and/or re-enactments)

icon adobepdf  Application For An Explosive Certificate (for individuals or a company)

icon adobepdf  Application for a licensed store/registration

icon adobepdf  Application for Explosives Licence Renewal (Form ER4B)

European Firearms Pass Application

icon adobepdf  European Firearms Pass Application


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