Race Equality Scheme

The Race Equality Scheme is a strategic document and a programme of work which aims to promote race equality by ensuring:

  • That all staff know what the race equality duty is about, and their responsibilities.
  • Involvement of diverse communities in monitoring implementation of the Scheme.
  • Ensuring that effective systems are in place & used to gauge our performance in race equality.
  • That it makes a real difference to service delivery and our status as an employer.
  • That we think, value, promote and deliver race equality and diversity.

We will achieve this through a three-year action plan and time-scaled work which will be assessed and evaluated in collaboration with our partners.

This Plan covers the period of 2005 - 2008.

icon adobepdf  Download the Race Equality Scheme (1.4MB PDF)

For further information on the Race Equality Scheme, please contact:

Wiltshire Police's Race Equality Scheme Co-ordinator
Telephone number: 01380 722341 (ext 7203624)

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