Community Speed Watch

Community Speed Watch (CSW) engages the community in addressing speed related offending. Local volunteers join together and monitor traffic speeds at identified road locations in the community. Information is recorded and passed to the police, which results in a warning letter being sent to the registered keeper.

The main objectives are:

  • To secure a reduction in vehicle speeds to prevent collisions;
  • to improve quality of life; and
  • to raise public awareness to inappropriate speed.

It also encourages community engagement and partnership working. CSW volunteers work closely with Community Policing Teams (CPTs) and in liaison with and supported by the Special Constabulary Roads Policing Unit.

Community Speed Watch will only take place at locations where there is an identified speeding issue in a 20mph, 30mph or 40mph speed limits. All volunteers are trained by Traffic Management Policing Officers in monitoring traffic speed and must comply with a code of practice.

Alternatively your CPT will be able to provide more information about CSW schemes in your area.

How to get involved?

Anyone can raise speeding issues with their local area board (Wiltshire Council) or locality team (Swindon Borough Council) using Wiltshire’s community issue system at or

You will be asked for details, including where exactly the speeding occurs. The issue will be investigated, in the form of a metro count. If it is found that the site meets the criteria for CSW the CSW Co-ordinator based at Wiltshire Police will make contact to assist and will be invited to gather a small group of volunteers together.

The CSW Co-ordinator will also arrange everything you need to become a CSW volunteer. The schemes will be supported by the police.

Alternatively your local NPT will be able to provide more information about CSW schemes in your area.

For more information on CSW please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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