Ports Unit - Pilot Checklist

How can I help?

As a pilot/owner by being aware of your responsibilities and complying with them. By being vigilant and notifying us of anything suspicious.

What to look out for

  • Evidence of unauthorised activity at your airstrip i.e. Fresh tyre marks
  • Packages being transferred from an aircraft to a vehicle in unusual locations such as a remote part of an airfield
  • Activity or sightings of aircraft at night or on unused airstrips
  • Strangers trying to hire your aircraft - or those belonging to other club members
  • Strangers using, or seeking permission to use, your airstrip
  • Evidence of adaption of aircraft for concealment purposes

If you do notice anything unusual

  • DO NOT involve yourself
  • DO NOT touch any suspicious packages
  • Make a note of any registration number, markings or descriptions
  • Call the Ports Unit / Police immediately

Your information will be treated in confidence

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