Wiltshire East Community Policing Team

Wiltshire East Community Policing Team (CPT)

Wiltshire East CPT covers the areas of Devizes, Marlbrough, Pewsey, Amesbury and Tidworth.

Community Policing Teams

Community Policing is a new policing model introduced across Wiltshire Police in 2016, it has replaced the previous model of separate teams such as Neighbourhood Policing and Response, to bring together all officers,civilian staff and Special Constables in an area to work as one Community Policing Team.

Community Policing is the result of an in-depth project designed to look at how best Wiltshire Police can deal with the various demands on the service and improve the experience for victims of crime. It has been implemented to provide a more effective and efficient police service, putting the public at the heart of everything it does.

Find out more about Community Policing in the following videos:

Find out about the roles within  Community Policing

Find out about the  resources 

Find out more about  Community Policing 

Local officers who cover your local community 


Photo of Superintendent Sue Austin

 Hub Superintendent
 Sue Austin



Photo of Inspector Nick Mawson
Nick Mawson


Photo of Sgt Mark Andrews
Mark Andrews

Photo of PC Lucy Wileman


PC Lucy Wileman

Covering: Amesbury and Tidworth

Photo of PC Teresa Herbert


PC Teresa Herbert

Covering: Devizes, Marlborough, Pewsey


How to contact your local team:

If your call is an emergency please dial 999.

If you need to report a non-urgent crime/incident/anti-social behaviour, request an update on an investigation or make a complaint then please dial 101.

To contact your CPT about a community-related matter, such as a school visit, then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To receive regular updates about policing in your area please sign up for our free Community Messaging service  www.wiltsmessaging.co.uk

Each Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) is aligned to a beat area and your local PCSO will probably be your first point of contact about local issues. If necessary they can put you in touch with the relevant officer, civilian investigator or Special Constable. 

Our priorities 
Priorities for your local area are set in consultation with the community and our partners at local meetings and through information provided to us, so we can focus on important policing issues to you.

Community Policing Area  Your local officers  Our priorities Like and follow us on Facebook
 Amesbury Town

 Photo of PCSO Levi Morphy

PCSO Levi Morphy


 Amesbury Police Facebook

 Devizes Rural

 Photo of PCSO Ellen Carter

PCSO Ellen Carter

Photo of PCSO Fiona Marno

PCSO Fiona Marno




Devizes Police Facebook

 Devizes Town

 Photo of PCSO Kelly Watts

PCSO Kelly Watts

Photo of PCSO Melissa Camilleri

PCSO Melissa Camilleri

Photo of PCSO Paula Yarranton

PCSO Paula Yarranton

Photo of PCSO Susan Ellway

PCSO Susan Ellway

Photo of PCSO Sam Burnside

PCSO Sam Burnside


Devizes Police Facebook

Durrington, Larkhill, Bulford and Amesbury Rural

 Photo of PCSO Shona Maycock

PCSO Shona Maycock

Photo of PCSO Will Todd

PCSO William Todd


 Amesbury Police Facebook 


Tidworth Town and Ludgershall

 Photo of PCSO Maria Downham

PCSO Maria Downham

Photo PCSO Natalie Cleife

PCSO Natalie Cleife



 Tidworth Police Facebook

Marlborough Town, Marlborough Rural and Pewsey

Photo of PCSO Jonathan Mills

PCSO Jonathan Mills

Photo of PCSO Mark Braithwaite

PCSO Mark Braithwaite

Photo of PCSO Lucy Stonestreet

PCSO Lucy Streetstone


 Marlborough Police Facebook


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