The Community Policing Team (CPT) model was rolled-out across Wiltshire Police in 2016, starting with the county of Wiltshire on 17 October 2016 and followed by Swindon on 7 November 2016. On 17 July 2017 further changes took place in Swindon and the model moved from three sectors to two.

CPT combines Neighbourhood Policing, Response teams and Local Crime Investigators so there is a “one team” approach to community policing. It means there is a bigger team of officers and police staff  available to attend incidents and improves communication between teams and departments. It gives the public a better service because issues can potentially be resolved at the first point of contact (101 and 999 call-takers) and provides them with a named officer/police staff member who they will be able to keep in touch with during the investigation. It also encourages officers and staff to take more “ownership” of cases.

There are six Community Policing Teams: Swindon North, Swindon South, Wiltshire North, Wiltshire West, Wiltshire East and Wiltshire South.

Each Community Policing Team will be overseen by a Superintendent and will have an Inspector and a Deputy. The team will be made up of a mix of police officers, community co-ordinators, PCSOs, civilian local crime investigators and Specials.

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